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We believe that every home should be one-of-a-kind. When you purchase an Icon home, you'll find that what sets us apart from any other production builder is the truly customized experience we have created for our homeowners. Even more, our unparalleled level of personalization is available whether you are purchasing an entry-level townhome or a luxury estate.

Icon's design center offers something for everyone, whether you have a classic, traditional aesthetic or a more modern, cutting-edge approach to interior design. Our showroom is regularly turned over and re-stocked with new product releases ensuring your home will finish at the forefront of home design. And because we believe that a unique & beautiful home does not have to be tied to a large budget, we have a variety of thoughtfully selected materials in all price points.

We are ready to build a home uniquely suited to you; whether that is building a custom home from the ground up or customizing one of our beautiful homes in progress. Let us bring your vision and biggest dreams to life as we help make your new home a truly unique creation.


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