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For those new to Icon's building process, below are procedures, monumental check points and frequently asked questions to help guide you along the way.





The path to your home building journey begins with a phone call to our Real Estate department. Our Broker can assist in answering any initial questions and help guide you to find the perfect community and home plan that meets your needs. If your project requires assistance from Icon's building ...





For buyers purchasing through our custom division, a design meeting is scheduled with Icon's production team to work through plan revisions and custom build specifications. At this stage, design deposits are collected, preliminary plans are drawn and pricing is established before moving onto STEP 3.





Our Real Estate department will work directly with you or your agent to complete and execute the purchase and sale agreement identifying the home plan, home site, specifications, sales price, closing projection, and all other agreed terms and conditions. Earnest money deposits are collected at this time and vary based ...





Upon the execution of your sales contract, Icon will schedule your design meeting to make the available design selections for your project. Building materials such as windows, doors & siding as well as interior finishes including cabinets, countertops and paint colors are all covered in your design appointment. Visit our ...





While construction timelines vary based on project scale, scope, location and site conditions, below is the general sequence of home construction milestones:


  • Plan Design & Permits 


  • Site Preparation, Foundation, Framing, Underfloor Plumbing & Mechanical, Windows & Roof


  • Rough Trades (Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC), Inspections, Insulation, Siding & Exterior Doors


  • Drywall, ...




After construction on your home is completed, a customer service representative will schedule an on site walkthrough to tour your finished home in preparation for closing. At this stage, a final punch list is created and any third party home inspections should be completed. In the final week before closing, ...





Once you have signed the final documents with your lender and the transfer of ownership has been recorded, you will be presented with the keys to your brand new home! You will also receive your homeowner manual which outlines the warranty process and what can be expected during the first year ...


Yes, site visits are allowed with an appointment.  We know that watching a new home to come to life is a very exciting experience for all, especially our future homeowners!  Because our active job sites host a variety of safety hazards, all site visits are by appointment only. This is mandatory per our insurance policy, and for the safety and security of our home buyers, employees and neighborhood residents. If you are looking to schedule a site visit, please reach out through Icon’s Real Estate department to get set up.

While construction schedules are not published nor shared, updates on construction status are available when requested. Construction schedules are internal and used to coordinate the various milestones and ordering deadlines throughout construction. Because of all the variables that occur during the construction of a new home, these scheduled dates are constantly evolving and subject to change.  

The closing date reflected in your purchase and sale agreement is a projection based off of the building schedule that was available at the time of sale. All contracts do have a built-in 30-business day extension to use as needed for construction delays that occur outside of Icon's normal control, such as: back ordered materials, weather conditions and etc. Typically, we can begin to narrow down the target completion date once sheetrock begins in the third quarter of construction. Please have your Broker connect with Icon's Real Estate department for any updates on the closing schedule.

Sorry, Uncle Bob. In order to maintain quality and provide a warranty on all products/materials within your home, it is critical that we work with vendors with whom we have an established relationship and demonstrated track record. Icon and our trade partners have been working together for nearly two decades on projects of all sizes and work closely together during the construction of your home. It is incredibly important to the integrity of the build process that all products and services are supplied and performed within our trusted network.

Icon projects are built year-round, which means that at some point they will each encounter the wet weather conditions that are typical in the Pacific Northwest. It is common for framed homes to be exposed to wet weather, so we feel it necessary to ensure roofing, windows and siding are installed as early as possible to help start out the dry-out process. This process includes establishing air flow in the home and thoroughly tracking and testing moisture content levels. Insulation and drywall will not begin until all framing members are below the moisture content levels set by the State of Oregon.  

Unfortunately, any personal property is not protected within Icon’s insurance policy in the case of damage, theft or any loss and also cannot be included within Icon’s warranty services. We also have no recourse in the event of trade damage, missing or broken pieces and/or deliveries after crucial installation deadlines. 

Design meetings are scheduled during regular business hours (Monday through Friday 9am-6pm). We make every effort to schedule in advance so that you have the time to make any adjustments to your work schedule and/or other commitments. Our Design Center is located in the Icon Building located at 1969 Willamette Falls Drive, Suite 260 in West Linn.

Yes! The upgrade balance is prepaid in the form of additional earnest money deposited with the Title Company,  the sales price is raised accordingly and the additional deposit is then credited back towards your cash to close. If you prefer to keep your upgrades and sales price separate, then payment would come directly to Icon. We accept personal or cashier's checks (sorry, no card payments).

All materials used in the construction of our homes must be supplied through Icon’s vendors and subcontractors.  Sourcing materials through an unknown supply chain can lead to significant construction delays due to back-orders and transportation issues that have become commonplace in today’s economy.  Product availability isn’t guaranteed outside our network and we cannot include them within Icon’s warranty services.  

If fencing is not included as a standard feature in the development, neighbors frequently ask to split costs on their shared property lines. We advise that you work directly with your neighbors to coordinate and schedule after you have closed on your home and will be happy to refer a fencing contractor if needed. If you prefer to have fencing installed along with home construction and prior to closing, the full cost for all property lines must be paid at that time. Icon can not facilitate payment arrangements between neighbors or accept partial payments towards fencing.