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Icon Excavation specializes in public works projects and capital improvements, including replacement and upgrades of sanitary sewer mains and laterals, water mains, storm sewer lines, installation of storm water quality facilities, manhole installation, asphalt pavement restoration and replacement, curb and concrete sidewalk restoration and replacement, landscape restoration, erosion control, and video inspections and testing. Icon Excavation has extensive experience in a wide variety of conditions including significant slopes, wet weather construction, boulders, fill and deep excavation. See examples of our recently completed projects featured below.


Tad Handris

South Shore 2 Wastewater System Pipe Replacement

This project, completed for the City of Lake Oswego, included replacing approximately 455 linear feet of sanitary sewer line, installing two new sanitary clean outs, two new sanitary sewer manholes, completing the connections to existing manholes and piping, mainline and lateral line video inspections and testing, asphalt pavement, sidewalk, curb and landscape restoration, and erosion and traffic control.

Cottage Street, North Plains

This pavement rehabilitation and waterline replacement involved installing 1,715 linear feet of 8” ductile iron waterline with associated valve/fittings, making 6 connections to existing waterlines, installing 34 water meter assemblies and one water hydrant assembly. Once waterline work was completed, Icon Excavation completed the street repairs including removing 1,280 square yards of pavement, re-paving and replacing pavement markings and markers and installing 2 new curb ramps.

OC Main Street Waterline Improvement

This project, completed for the City of Oregon City, involved upgrading the water main along a section of Main Street in downtown Oregon City. The project involved substantial coordination with local businesses and TriMet bus service and involved day and night operations. The scope included the installation of approximately 1,345 linear feet of 12-inch ductile iron water main, 529 linear feet of 8-inch ductile iron water main, 177 linear feet of 6-inch ductile iron water main, associated valves and appurtenances, 18 water services, and abandonment of approximately 2,015 linear feet of existing water system components. The project also involved the installation of approximately 75 linear feet of 8-inch sanitary sewer main and 2 service laterals, approximately 32 feet of 12-inch storm pipe with 1 manhole and 2 catch basins, 5 ADA corner sidewalks, approximately 500 feet of curb and gutter and 3,500 square feet of sidewalk, and approximately 1,460 square yards of asphalt pavement with road base and striping.

OC Public Restroom

This project, completed for the City of Oregon City, involved the preparation and installation of a Portland Loo public restroom near the City Municipal Elevator. The project involved traffic control, pad and plumbing completion, installation of approximately 39 linear feet of 4-inch and 48 linear feet of 6-inch sanitary sewer pipe, installation of 1 sanitary sewer manhole, abandonment of existing structures, placement of the restroom via a crane, completion of all electrical, plumbing and mechanical connections, and approximately 519 square yards of asphalt pavement and striping.

6th Street Sanitary Sewer Replacement

This project, completed for the City of Woodburn, involved the installation of 2 manholes, approximately 365 linear feet of 6-inch sanitary sewer main, connection to 2 existing manholes, 5 sewer laterals with cleanouts, abandon approximately 220 linear feet of existing 6-inch sanitary sewer main, and approximately 3,338 square feet of asphalt patching.

Lakewood Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation

This project, completed for the City of Lake Oswego, involved the replacement of the sanitary sewer trunk line located in a major arterial street. The project involved extensive traffic control and included both day and night shift operations. The scope included over 450 cubic yards of rock and boulder excavation, installation of approximately 847 linear feet of 6-inch to 10-inch sanitary sewer pipe to depths up to 20 feet below grade, installation of 5 manholes, abandonment of existing manholes and pipe, shoring and bypass pumping, and installation of approximately 1,639 square yards of asphalt pavement and associated striping.